Grid layout

A dashboard is a 24x24 grid on which you lay out data visualization widgets. The dashboard is fully responsive, and will automatically zoom in and out to fit the browser window’s size.

Widgets can be placed freely on this grid and can be sized to your liking: they’re responsive too and will adapt their layout to best fit their size.

Responsive widgets
Responsive widgets


Actoboard offers several dashboard themes. Light themes are great for computer screens, high-contrast dark themes are perfect for large screen TVs.

Dashboard themes
Different themes for the same dashboard

Sharing dashboards

As visual understanding tools, dashboards are meant to be shared with your team, your management or your customers. They’re also meant to be displayed displayed on large screens TVs.

The "share" button in the dashboard tool bar brings up the various ways to share a dashboard.

Sharing options
Sharing options

Sharing by email

Sharing by email sends a capture of the dashboard to a provided email address.

Clicking on "Create share link" will create a web URL that you can pass around for people to see the dashboard.

This link displays a read-only view of the dashboard, with no access to configuration or other account information. This is what you will use to display dashboards on wall-mounted TVs.

Dashboard share link
Dashboard share link

If for some reason you want to change the share link, just stop sharing and re-share it immediately. All displays currently displaying the dashboard will be invalidated, and a new link will be generated.

A share link is public by default, and anybody having this link can watch the dashboard. The link is impossible to guess, but for extra protection (e.g. avoiding people to retrieve a dashboard from a web browser’s history) you can require a password to be provided before displaying the dashboard.

This password is unique to this dashboard, and does not require people to be registered in your Actoboard account to use it.

QR code, for easy display on mobile devices

The "QR code" tab shows a tag that you can scan with a mobile phone or a tablet to instantly display the dashboard on a mobile device. Actoboard is fully responsive, and the dashboard will be resized to fit into the screen.

Dashboard HTML embed code
Dashboard QR code

Embedding the dashboard

You can easily embed a dashboard in any web page. The "Embed" tab shows an HTML code snippet that you just have to copy/paste in any web page. Note that if the dashboard is password protected, the password will be required here too.

Embed HTML code
Embed HTML code