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Actoboard at the Sierra Wireless Developer Day

Last June we had the opportunity to showcase Actoboard at the Sierra Wireless Developer Day. Sierra Wireless is a major player in the wireless and M2M industry, and many people in the emerging connected objects area are in dire need of simple tools to visualize sensor data along with other metrics.

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Monitoring the Potato Salad

A weird Kickstarter project made the buzz recently: its creator asked for $10 to make a potato salad. It surprisingly took like fire and backers flocked, pledging much more that the few bucks the guy asked for.

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Getting close to the beta

Actoboard is an idea I had one year ago, while setting up yet another dashboard for a system I was working on as a freelance software architect and developer. I was frustrated by how complicated it is to have a broad overview on what’s happening in one’s business, and thought there should be an easier way.

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