Your key data,
all in one place

Create beautiful dashboards to display the
data that matters. Stay informed in real time
and make better decisions.

Your data is everywhere. Make it useful with Actoboard.

Make better decisions

With Actoboard your important data is there, all in one place. No need to browse a dozen websites to get the important metrics.

Build global overview dashboards that will give you confidence by acting on visible facts.

Get everybody on the same page

Empower your team by sharing the information that will help them understand the impact of their work.

Share dashboards with stakeholders so they know at a glance how your business is doing.

Save time

You have better things to do than copy-pasting in Excel to track your data. With Actoboard, set up your dashboards in minutes and watch your data evolve live.

To get started faster, use ready-made dashboards for popular services prepared by our metrics experts.

All your data, wherever it is

Actoboard has connectors for many popular services on the web, and we constantly add new ones.

Your own data is also a first class citizen with custom connectors that can get it right from the source.

TV, desktop, tablet, phone: always in view, always real time

Display your dashboards on a wall-mounted TV, share them on your executive's tablet and watch them on the go on your smartphone.

Actoboard displays nicely on any screen. It's blazingly fast and real time.


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